Friday, November 6, 2009


NOVEMBER 6-8, 2009

I attended the Lomovember exhibition held by Pigeonhole to raise money for Movember; a charity for men's health (especially prostate cancer and male depression). The exhibition is held at 104B Murray Street in Perth city. It is hidden away in an alley way next to a florist shop! There is a display of some lomo photography that is up for grabs in a silent auction as well as prizes and lomo cameras and moustaches for sale. If you're interested in some lomo workshop/classes, click here for more details.

Some of the photography on display

Lomo Cameras


  1. wow!!! so many lomo cameras!!! i want one now!

  2. did it make you want to buy more lomo cameras? I bet if I went it sure would! hehe

  3. Grace: I know right! I want more!
    Suzie: haha yeh it did!! but I'm hoping to go to taiwan in jan and get them for cheaper!