Sunday, October 11, 2009

Miniature Kitchen - Doll house

I was looking for printable paper doll houses to build with Monica and I found this Japanese Site which lets you download pdf files to doll houses. For PDF instructions (in Japanese) click here, and the pattern can be downloaded here. I chose to build the kitchen which is meant to look like the image below.

I decided just to print off the furniture and not the roof and wallpaper to save paper/ink and we re-arranged the kitchen to our liking. Our finished product is seen below.

We didn't have a ceiling and Rob suggested a straw to hang the lamp off.

I really like the sink, it actually goes in and has a drain as well.

The fridge can be opened and has milk and other food products located inside.
We used a cereal box for the room wall and floor.

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  1. AwWWwwWWWw!!! thats SO cute!!! i always wanted a doll house wen i was lil but i never got one *sniffles* ur gonna make a good mummyyyyyyyyyyy ;)