Saturday, November 28, 2009

Minnie mouse costume

This year has been the year of dress-up 21sts!!! Tonight I have a Fairy tales & Animations 21st to attend and I decided not to spend a hefty amount of money on renting a costume so I decided to make one. I thought Minnie mouse would be a easy one to do because I already own a pink dress with white polka dot. I just needed to make some ears and a tail and voila! I bought some black velvet material to create my Minnie ears and tail and I had some pink lining material lying around which I made a bow for my ears! The gloves was borrowed from my friend who made them, there's four fingers, to make it more authentic!

My Minnie costume
Four fingered gloves
My Minnie tail
Tail view from the back
My Minnie ears

White Minnie gloves

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