Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Miniature Book: Simply adorable

Find out how to make them By MissRuth on Flickr.

Circle Cutter

I just bought a circle cutter today! Very exciting, I felt like I needed to make a card. It's very easy to use, basically like a protractor but instead of drawing circles, it cuts them out.

I wasn't sure what to make, I cut a circle in the middle and little circle right next to it to create a window. I stuck some transparent paper behind it which can be seen in the picture below. Due to my very limited stamps, I used a magazine-cut-out of a cat and stamped Happy Birthday. Used some blue ribbon as embellishment, made a little ribbon at the top left hand corner. Very simple card.

Hint: If you write a lot of words inside, it can be seen through the window which gives it a nice effect.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tilt-shift miniature style photos

Darling Harbour, Sydney.

Tilt-shift style photos are real life photos that are manipulated by this online editing tool called Tiltshift maker. You can upload your photos for free and you don't have to sign up or anything. Some of the photos make the objects look like miniature toys. Have a look at the photo gallery to know what I'm talking about. The picture above is one I manipulated, took it in Sydney. Below is the original!

Here is another one I did of a photo taken at Sandalford Wines, Caversham.

This is a picture of a baby booby bird I took at Lily Beach, Christmas Island.

I didn't take this picture, found it on my brother's computer. But Christmas Island :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Paper dolls

I've been looking around online for some cute paper doll print-outs to give to Rob's little sister, Monica and I found this particular one that I liked. Zoe Paper doll found on 'Play at Playhouse'.
There are three costumes available and they come in colour and black and white. I remember making my own paper dolls as a kid and it was heaps of fun!

Further searching led me to these Kokeshi dolls from Activity village!

This particular image is taken from Jacque Davis who shares her printable toys on flickr! Click on the image above to check it out! I found it really cute so I had to make one!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Moni!! :)

It's Moni's Birthday tomorrow! I bought this card from 'Thingz' for $1 and decided to customise it. The Glitter letters matched the card because of the glitter that was on the bus. I added a flower bloom with a blue rhinestone of it. There was already a yellow rhinestone on the giraffe's bow. I'm thinking of getting alphabet stamps but for now I wrote our names with a black pen. I like the kiss stamp, it's really cute!

My really longgg present! It's one of those poles you stick into the ground and it has a tennis ball attached to it and you whack it around!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pink Icing Cupcakes!

Recipe can be found here.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Craft Fair 2009!!

Perth Craft & Quilt Fair 2009

21 Mounts Bay Road
Perth WA 6000
9am - 5pm daily!

Floral 21st card

Simple 21st card. Ribbon, flower embellishment, rhinestone, glitter numbers and butterfly swirl stamp with rainbow ink pad.

Uh oh - even more money spent on craft items!

Rhinestones from CrazyClarks - $2
Glitter Alphanumericals - $3

I've been working on a 21st birthday card, seeing as everyone is turning 21 this year. I'm bound to give this out sometime this year! I was cutting out some green numbers but it just didn't look right, so I went in search of green glitter numbers and I found them straight away at ClazyClarks!!! (How does the saying go? If you seek, you shall find!)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Let's Celebrate!

I've made yet another card today with some of my new accessories! Using a similar design to the first wedding card I've made, the aqua inked butterfly swirl with black sentiments stamped on top of it as the centre of the card. The bag of blooms flowers have been added to the corners on the centrepiece. Using the butterfly stamp from the Papercraft Clear Cling stamps from Big W, I used pink ink to stamp on some white cardboard. Glitter glue was used on top of it to create the butterfly patterns, it was then cut out and stuck on the card! I hole-punched some blue paper to create the trail of the butterfly!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Big W - they really do sell for less

Seriously they do, I went to get some stuff from Big W (Success) and decided to visit the craft section...BIG MISTAKE!!! The stuff they have, and the prices are so low!! ARgh.. I was looking for a paper trimmer and I found one at Stamp Deco for $42 bucks. Although it's a fancy one, but at big W I got one for $4.98!!! and there's also a better one for around $20 I think. However, I'm a student with a budget on craft accessories. Anyhoos, I bought a rainbow stamp ink pad for $15.87 whereas it's about $30 at Stamp it. They also have a variety of unmounted clear cling stamps for only $5.67! Bargain! You can also get a small+a big acrylic block for $5!!! Below are some items I bought today!

Unmounted stamps - $5.67

Rainbow stamp ink pad $15.87
Bag of Blooms - $5.98
Paper trimmer - $4.98

I also used the self checkout counters for the first time. Pretty snazzy :D

Sweet Birdy Birthday

Using the Butterfly Swirl again, I attempted a different look, using the swirl as a background this time. I like the flower embellishments creating a branch for the birdy to sit on!

Apple Cherry Stamps!

Don't you just love it when you check your mail box and find a parcel in there?!!! My Apple Cherry rubber stamps from Japan/Ebay has arrived!! Hurray!! I don't really care about the apple but I thought I could use the cherries as blueberries! Haven't thought of anything fancy for my label just yet, so made a quick one to stick on the back of the card I've made!

Butterfly Swirl - Congratulations card

First card made with my new Butterfly Swirl Stamp it Stamp! :D I think the red ribbon adds the finishing touch to it. I really need a guillotine, can't cut straight!!

Stamp it - Victoria Park

Stamp-it, 256 Albany Highwa, Victoria Park

Stamps section

Variety of paper selection

Finally after a week of test&assignments, I got to visit the Stamp-it store located in Victoria Park. The place is huge! They've got everything craft related, I never knew there were so many craft things! I ended up buying:
  • An unmounted Butterfly Swirl Stamp
  • An medium-sized acrylic block
  • Aqua-colour stamp pad
  • Teal-coloured A4 card
There are a large amount of mounted and unmounted stamps available at the store. The usually wood-mounted stamps cost a few dollars more than the unmounted. The unmounted stamps come with a clingy back and you can stick it to an acrylic block and remove it as well. It's fairly straight forward and saves you a couple of dosh.

I'm planning on making a wedding card for a wedding I'm attending next weekend. Nothing too fancy, just excited about using my new butterfly stamp! This is a fairly expensive hobby!

I'm eye-ing the heat gun and embossing powders after watching this video on Elegant embossing:

Stamp It - Australia

I was surfing on ebay for some rubber stamps to make some handmade cards and I discovered the Stamp It -Eden 2009 Set and to my surprise, the shop is available in PERTH!!! So happy!! Also, it's in Victoria Park, so it's a 15 minute drive, not in woop woop land! You can also buy them online.

Here are some of my favourites, although there are soo many pretty ones, I couldn't show them all: Click here to see more.

Butterfly Swirl

Leaf Swirl

Foliage Flurry

Wise Owl

Wholesale Warehouse
276 Albany Highway

Victoria Park

Western Australia 6100

Retail Store


256 Albany Highway

Victoria Park

Western Australia 6100

Welcome to Blueberrymuffinss Handmade

I've decided to create this blog and dedicate all the crafty sections here. You can find my previous lifestyle blog on here. I've made a couple of cards and jewellery but nothing serious, just more of a hobby than anything. Hopefully I will be making more craft projects and will write about them and perhaps even some freebies. The next few posts are from my other blog - just because they're craft-related and what motivated me to create this blog.

Happy reading :)